Capture the Cube

the Cube

Strap in – it’s cube hunting season. Capture the Cube is back this winter, and we’re giving away more snowboards and skis than ever before. We’ve hidden 99 cubes at Copper Mountain, plus a few extra around Colorado that you’ll have to be extra clever to find. Grab one and you’ll earn yourself a brand new shred stick (or sticks). So keep your eyes peeled, because this year, the cubes could be Anywhere.

How To Play At Copper Mountain

  1. Follow @efirstbank on Instagram to get clues to the cubes’ locations before anyone else. You can also get them on this website, our Facebook and our Twitter feed.
  2. Search our illustrated map of Copper Mountain, here or at @CaptureTheCube on Instagram. Find the hidden object that matches the clue and you’ll know where on the mountain we’ve hidden the real cube.
  3. Unlock the Cube Finder App by sharing this site with your friends. Once you get on the mountain, the compass will point you in the direction of the cube.
  4. Find the cube at Copper Mountain, bring it to the FirstBank tent in the Village Center and claim your free snowboard or skis.
  5. Brag to your friends, revel in their jealousy, and tag @efirstbank in an Instagram photo of your prize.

The Map

Use this map of Copper Mountain, and the clue you got from our Instagram feed, to search for the location of each cube. New clues will be released each week, so be sure to follow @efirstbank on Instagram to get them all.

Cube Finder App

Share this with your friends to unlock the Cube Finder Compass. It’s your key to get even closer to the cube once you’re up at Copper. The more you share, the closer you’ll get, and the better chance you’ll have at scoring new gear!

Cube Inventory

The Spoils

Feast your eyes on the gnarliest shredding technology to ever be designed by a bank. The Predator Series features the Never Summer SL Snowboard and the Icelantic Nomad Skis, two of the most versatile all-mountain machines you’ll find slashing the slopes this winter.



If you’re in the hunt for a FirstBank cube, share it on social media and tag your post with #CaptureTheCube. Be sure to follow FirstBank on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for location hints to each cube.